About Lorraine R Hyde

In the realm of international business and entrepreneurship, few personalities portray the essence of professionalism and hard work as vividly as Lorraine R Hyde. A woman of many talents, Her journey intertwines an exemplary career in the corporate world and a continuous pursuit of academic excellence with an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit.

A Storied Career in International Business

The city of Mandeville, Louisiana, is proud to call itself the hometown of this hardworking and professional individual. She Hyde has dedicated over 25 years to working with major international companies. The bedrock of her vast experience lies in her 15-year tenure at ExxonMobil, where she majored in sales, logistics, and transportation.

She effectively balanced her job roles and academic pursuits, exemplifying professionalism and earning a Master’s in Business Management. She graduated with honors while simultaneously attending to her full-time job. This achievement was a testament to her fantastic work ethic and commitment to meeting her personal and professional goals.

Academic Excellence and Membership with Honor Societies

Besides her Master’s degree, Lorraine has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Marketing Management. Her persistent hard work and dedication to academia additionally secured her a membership to the prestigious international honor society of Delta Mu Delta.

Through Shell Oil and the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), she earned her Executive Master’s in Business Administration, proving her ability to commit and adapt in a competitive business environment. As an alumna of the University of Texas, Austin, she intends to hurdle even greater academic heights by working towards earning a Ph.D. in Business.

Embodying the Spirit of Entrepreneurship

In 2016, Lorraine R Hyde ventured into entrepreneurship and started her third-party logistics (3PL) company. The company primarily focuses on supply chain management, logistics, and transportation. Her demeanor was pivotal to transitioning from a corporate professional to a successful entrepreneur.

In 2019, further broadening her business portfolio, she opened a supply company that operates as an agent, seller, reseller, and distributor of various commodities. This includes fuel, medical supplies, health, beauty, and wellness products.

As the owner of Genesis Venture Investments, Lorraine efficiently manages physical assets, specializing in commercial real estate. Through keen hard work and demonstration of professionalism, she continues to expand her enterprise while ensuring optimal client service in her business ventures.

Passionate about Giving Back

Outside the realm of business and academia, she is a dedicated philanthropist. Driven by her values of God, Family, and Country, she is passionate about helping others. Her efforts to give back to society and create a positive impact are just as noteworthy as her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Lorraine R Hyde embodies the virtues of professionalism and hard work in all walks of her life. Through sheer determination, commitment, and a strong-willed disposition, she has achieved immense academic and professional success. Her story serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking to balance multiple pursuits without compromising their values.

Lorraine R Hyde


Lorraine R Hyde